Friday, January 23, 2009

A church on Somerton, 10 miles North of the Border.

A "most wonderful" place to eat! Nice little Mexican Restaurant in Somerton. The Huevos Rancheros were delicious, served with fresh homemade tortillas from right there in the kitchen. Then, when we'd eaten all we thought we could hold, the owner brought us each half of a fresh orange, followed up with a Sweet Corn tamale for desert. And gallons of .50 a cup coffee. Found food for sure! It's called the Blue Marlin. I WILL be going back there.

Intersection near the Border on the Mexican side in San Luis de Rio Colorado, Mexico.

Street food. After such a good breakfast, we didn't partake of any today.

There are many places and a good variety of food to be had in this little city.

My daughter, Angie, called while we were down there. I was a little surprises the phone worked.

Seems to be a lot of this sort of entertainment over here!

Plumbing in the barber shop where I was ruined.

I just needed a little trim around the ears. I thought I made it pretty clear not to cut too much, and just to trim it a little. Well, I sure got my moneys worth! What a 'chop job'. And Biglefti just sat there an laughed! (and snapped pictures)

Second mistake of the day. I ALWAYS negotiate prices before I get any service in Mexico. Today was the exception. I was excited about the bakery we just left, and Pat was trying to call me on the phone, so I just let him do his thing. Ended up costing 5 bucks! I've never paid over $2 for a shine down here. But, it was my fault for not getting the price set first. Lanny got another laugh out of this! :-)

I picked up a large sack of pastries to bring home (for Pat, of course). This is just a sample.

A ladies dress shop

The line getting back into the Good ol' US. It only took about 15 minutes to get through. It's faster now that eveyone has to have a passport.

A little Oasis in the desert between Yuma and Quartzsite. They make good buffalo burgers too. I was on the way to Kingman to pick up the scooter when I passed this place.

Lanny Badten (Biglefti) left Sun City West at 6:30 AM today, he was loaded to the top with tools. He came over to help with a couple carpentry projects. Well, he didn't help. He did it.

These 4 x 4s are 10 feet long, with over 2 feet in the ground. Pat dug this on out all by herself!

It was a big job getting the large nails out of the tops too.

The Wing, the Half-a-Busa, and a nice Bouganvilla plant. The carport is now almost 6 inches wider than it was. Lanny did an excellent job!

The last project was to re-hang the door to the work shop/storage shed. He changed the hinges, put in a new sill, and cut the wood so their is plenty of room now to ride the scooter inside easily. Lanny is an excellent carpenter. I was a good watcher. We made a few trips to the hardware store on the bikes too, that was fun.

This is the entry gate. The neighborhood getting here is pretty colorful. I say it has a lot of character! There are chickens running wild, peacocks, and even several horses in peoples yards. It's only a couple of blocks off Avenue B, one of the main roads here. Easy to get to anyplace in town, a little over a mile from Old Town, and about a mile to a Super Wal-mart.

The white box is a water filtering system for the whole house. There are a few Mexican sculptures, cactus and a nice small Hibiscus plant. It has a new bloom or two every day.

This is our "beach side". Lots of seashells from the Sea of Cortez, and some nice sea turtles and fish. They are laid in sand from the Colorado River, which is about a mile from the house.

Pat has been busy cleaning and trimming ever since we've been here. Those two large propane tanks are just for the cooking range. Everything else is electric.

The tree was pruned back last year, but still had a good crop of tangelos. It should be loaded next season. We have 3 nice tomato plants and one cucumber, that is already bearing. The back yard is about the size of a football field, there is one very well groomed putting green in one corner, but we're not golfers.

This are just starting to turn a little. In a week or so, we should have some nice tomatoes. The largest cucumber is about 4 inches long, we'll let it grow for awhile before harvesting it.

My little shop is narrow, but it's 28 feet long. Good storage and room to work. I've just started organizing it some, have a bunch more peg hooks as of today, so in a couple more days I'll have it all looking good. There's room for the scooter in here, but I may have to modify the door some to get it inside.

The proch is 8 feet wide and about 46 feet long. It's longer than the trailer, making a nice little back porch for the morning sunshine. There is a door from the bedroom out to the porch as well as the sliding glass doors in the living room. We have an extra freezer and refrigerator out there too.

Every day since we've been here, we lose a blossom and gain one or two new ones.

Our bubbling cactus. The water evaporates about an inch a day. I have to keep filling it up, or it don't bubble.

From what the neighbors have said, this used to be "party central" in the park! They had a Karoke set up out here, two tables, lots of chairs, and the fridge was always full of adult beverages. The "quiet guy" next door was pretty glad to have a couple of old folks like us move in

That's my corner. I have the 17" laptop set up there, and will use the little one from the couch. We just had Warner Cable put in today, and I have everything up and working off the Wireless N router I bought before leaving Coos Bay. This is my first blog entry, I'm sitting that blue chair as I type this.

The dining room.

The kitchen is small, but has all we need. The inside has been remodeled, and the appliances are mostly less than a year old. We haven't put up any pictures or decorations yet, but we're working on it. The plants came from the Coos Bay house.

Pat's recliner. It came with a 26" HDTV in the living room, and a 19" Wall mounted HDTV in the bedroom, with a built in DVD player.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Barbara, and Bill Baxter with his "Wonder Dog Buddy". This was taken at La Posa South, a long term BLM campsite in the desert near Quartzsite, AZ. They will be spending the winter here.

Scaddan Wash, a free BLM short term (up to 14 days) dry camp in the Desert. It was a nice place to spend the night.

Entering Yuma County. There are fields of just about every leafy vegetagle you can think of growing here. This is Cabbage harvesting.

As almost always, it's a very healthy crop!

These are some huge heads of cabbage.

There are less farmers every year. It's hard to get field workers. Most white Americans will NOT work in the fields, and it's getting harder to even find Mexicans that want to work. Since Yuma is right on the border, there are many busloads of workers transported over here every day to work, then they go backk to Mexico at night. They are paid well, but it's getting harder to find enough of them to do the work.

You may need to click on this picture to get a good prospective!

This is Rogue (Steven)'s new to him Meanie. He's only owned it for a couple of hours. He surprised us by showing up. He recently moved to Borrego Springs, just West of the Salton Sea.
That's Lanny's beautiful while Wing next to it.

Chunk, Slick, Linda, Rogue, Biglefti and Ed. DD and Pebbles were on the way.

John (Slick) and his new Lady, Linda. She fit right in. But, she likes loud pipes. Definitely not ready for a Gold Wing

Rogue and Biglefti discussing important business.

Ed and Pebbles. She's been on the bike for 5 days and is holding up very good!

Romy and Dave (Pebbles and DD) They are on a mini vacation to the Southland.

John is spinning tales as usual to Chunk and Linda. They're all new stories for her, the rest of us have heard them

Our waitress was excellent. It was a busy evening, but she handled it very well, and went to all the work to split the checks, which always makes it easier.

John and Linda. What a nice looking couple!

I'd never seen one of these before...guess it prevents snarls in the pony tail. Tony D. should have has one of these last year

We stopped in Wikieup on Hwy 93 for lunch on the way down. Chunk, Ed and I were in the van, DD and Romy were riding.

A South African and a Kiwi pretending to be Native Americans! They've been practicing to be Canadians for a few years now:-)

Dave and Chunk inside Lucinda's gift shop and restaurant. We about had "Sticker shock" when we saw the menu. And, the jewlery and other stuff was very expensive.

Nice place. We haven't seen a menu yet, so the hearts are still beating normal. Ed paid $12 bucks for a Pepsi and a Burger. We all had similar prices.

The food finally came. Average to below, Price: very high

Chunk is happy, another meal he didn't miss!

It was fun, and a good break for the "hard riders".

Chunk and Ed.

They had some beautiful pieces. Hopi, Zuni, and Navaho. This was larger and heavier than it looks in this picture. Reminds me of Kawani (She Who Remembers)'s neckless. One that Kokopelli gave her.

A hand carved Kachina. The case was full of them.

Cactus at the gas station in Wickenburg. This place has special memories of years gone by.

Dave is filling up the big VN2000.

Chunk is giving directions. .....Romy is wondering where she'd end up if she tried to follow them

Happily married couple of 6 months. I think this was a sort of "half-year" anniversary.
Most of you know, but if you don't, they were married in Coos Bay, OR during the Oregon VROC rally last July.

Rogue and Lanny are looking at something...Why are you guys so happy?

Chunk, Slick, and Linda

Lanny and Ed. Lanny is looking more like his happy self in this picture.

We all had something different, but everyone liked their food.

Romy gets around a steak, and Dave has a giant Calzone.

John, Liinda, Rogue, Biglefti.

Lanny and Ed. It was a very good evening! Good food and fine friends!