Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Temple Bar Marina in Lake Mead. This is a little surprise oasis in the desert. They have a store, bar and restaurant, gift shop, and boat and ski-doo rentals. As well as some park model trailers and a good size boat dock. The 2 Harleys belong to VROC members Ed and Carl Anderson from Kingman. They also have 07 Vulcan Classics. They take turns riding them, in order to keep the mileage down on all 4 of them. "Suzy," the Burgman, does a fine job of keeping up.

You can't see the palm trees and other ammenities until you drop down into a little canyon in the desert. What a nice surprise!

Temple Rock, named by a Morman settler that stayed in this area and built a large stone and wood home. The 9 room house, along with all his other improvements were all buried underwater when they put in Hoover Dam. This rock is 360 feet above the normal water line. The lake is very low now because of a long drought. I'm selfishly hoping it don't fill up this winter.

The "Badlands" of California

Love the Arizona Flag! We made it again..........

A nice welcome to Arizona!

Almost to Kingman!

The "cut" at milepost 50 just before the exit to Kingman. Elevation here is 3500 feet.

Don got tired of walking around the store with Pat and I, so he's waiting with his new girl friend back in the Deli.

Part of my dinner. a very good Chili Rellano. Also had a large bowl of tender chicken soup, and a huge flower tortilla, right off the grill. The deli has a dozen or more entree's all make up for the choosing.

This is about a 10th of the bakery case. You could stitch about 4 panasonic view and still not get it all in.

Mount Shasta, taken from I-5 near South Weed, California 11/12/08

We packed the van full, and have the Burgman on a trailer. It rained for about a hundred miles, from Coos Bay over to I-5, and then a little more south. When it cleared up, it was a beautiful day into the 70's and bright sun. We stopped for the night in Stockton, and went to dinner with our good friend Don (VSP).


BRD said...

You have some really gorgeous pictures here.
Keep it up.

my tiny studio said...

Your Photos are great i feel I was there ,thank you.

where are we going next ?

PS love the food photos :)

VROC #5569-r said...

The restaurant is:

Basque Etchea
(928) 785-4027
8575 S Avenue 40 E
Tacna, AZ 85352