Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sunset. We're in the desert off Hwy 93, between Parker and Quartzsite, AZ. A beautiful evening. This is where we'll be spending our first night in "Minnie". We're headed for Yuma again, want to soak up some sun and warmer weather than Kingman. And, we're still looking for a more permanent winter digs down there.

Didsbury Dave showed up Sunday afternoon, he left Calgary, AB Canada on Friday, he's pulling a 32' Featherlite hauler with 2 bike in it. This is Romy's nice 1500 Classic.

The Bedroom in Dave's trailer. It was about 30 below when he left Calgary, so without insulation or heat in the trailer, he hasn't used it much

Dave is giving us the grand tour of the nice new trailer. He's opening up the ramp door here.

Catching up on all the news. Dave put in a long couple of days in some very bad weather to get here so fast. He'll be heading to Phoenix to drop the bikes. He's leaving them in Slick's garage.

After a huge plate of salad, the 2 plates of other food, Dave settles in to his thick steak. He's texting Romy as I take this picture. After the steak, he finished off with cobbler and ice cream and a few toppings/ Dave is a light eater!

The entry to "Danbar's", a historic eating establishment on old Route 66.

Lots of old pictures inside the Dunbar, and, items from some of the old, large Ranches in the area.

A marinated Rib eye, they use their own RedBar beer and spices for the marinate. Mushrooms and onions, Baked potato, Cowboy beans, and fresh hot biscuits. Instead of the Tortilla soup, I went with a nice green salad with Prickly Pear Cactus dressing.

The dining room was covered with some nice photographs and paintings. We had a nice dinner, but, with all the other places to try in Mahave County, we'll try something else next time.

Snow! December 17, 2008. This is about 8 AM in Kingman. We woke up to snow today! It's now almost 11 AM, it's still coming down, but there isn't any more on the ground. It's 36 degrees outside! So much for a warm Arizona Winter!! May not go for a bike ride today (although I did yesterday) Maybe we can work on Christmas cards and get them in the mail today.

I came around our van and startled Pat. Julie had just made some "yellow snow", and was anxious to get back into her blanket.

Thin sliced Spam, grilled, topped with thin sliced grilled onions, a thick slice of melted Provolone cheese, and a whole Ortega chili. The fries are hand cut for each order, and come out steaming hot.

Pat had a "triple decker" on marbled Rye. Thin sliced roast turkey (not the deli kind) and lots of ham and cheese. She chose the coleslaw as her side.

Our "bomb" in down town Chloride. The elevation here is around 4500 feet. There wasn't any snow in Kingman when we left to come up here to eat, it's about 22 miles from the house. By the time we left, there was over an inch on the ground.

Last time we were here for lunch about 3 weeks ago, we rode the scooter up in shirt sleeves.

There are several Swap meet/Flea Markets in Yuma. Although this isn't the largest, it's our favorite. Mostly run by Mexicans, for the Mexican market. Lots of clothes, household items, hardware, and FOOD! Most of the field and construction workers are on the job 6 long days a week, so Sunday's are the busiest day here.

The Vendors cover probably 3 or 4 acres. Not as large as the Arizona Swap meet at 32nd and 4E.

Food is a big part of the Mexican Swap Meet.

Been eating like this for most of my 68 years as of today. Nothing real unusuall here, but the salsas were very good, and the gravy was excellent. The Mexicans went up to Oklahoma and learned how to make good gravy!

It's hard to get by this place without spending a few bucks. Prices are very good, and they have a lot of 'hard to find' fasteners and speicalty items. As well as about anything you'd ever need to make repairs around the house. Same folks have a lot larger offering at the 'Clean Swap Meet', buy I like this one better.

Pat is admiring this ladies Santa Chihuahua.

Sort of strange underware. There is some very interesting clothing in some of the booths!

Several produce vendors are always here. Two 6 pound bags of oranges for $6 isn't bad, and they are sweet and juicy and fresh picked. Pat bought 2 bags of oranges and one bag of ruby red grapefruit.

About 40 feet to the top of the star. The Choir hasn't marched onto the tree yet, but there will be 7 rows going up, 80 some people. The narrators and soloists are off to the side, 22,500 lights that are all digitally controlled by sections. changes colors and shapes while the program is going on.

I'm not sure what they are judging, but they all appear to be 10's!

The light parade took 1 and a half hours, 160 some entries. Horses, dogs, pack goats, lots of beautiful floats, and 5 bands. Yuma is great! Next week on the 21st of December, they are bringing in over 50 tons of snow to dump on Main Street so the kids can play in it. MANY of the people that live here have never seen snow, especially a lot of the Field Workers kids from South of the Border. I think it's a wonderful thing to do! (even though I don't like snow:-)

One of the High School bands

The flash takes away the light effect, but there were a lot of entries with people on some very decorated vehicles.

8 of Yuma's motor officers brought up the rear.

Always easy to think of Jack and Barb when in Yuma... Avenue 4E is a popular place, it's the main intersection going to the largest Swap meet/flea market in the county.

The Tamale Festival in Somerset, right down near the Mexican border. There were over 50 different booths selling all kinds of Tamales. Sweet corn, pineapple, cinnamon and raisen, beef, pork, chicken, and all sorts of vegetables in side them. And of course beans and rice, coleslaw and macarroni salads. They had a good band, and other entertainment. We were there a few hours ago, and I'm still stuffed! (yeah, surprise, surprise:-)

There were tables set up in a few places in the 3 blocks where you could sit and eat the goodies. They also sold a Mexican specialty of thick hot chocolate, some with a peanut better flavoring in it. I had some....probably wouldn't again...

The end near the Band stand. They were so loud, the ground shook! There was a beer garden on the corner of the little town square. That's Pat in the black jacket getting her courage up to get passed the loud music

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