Sunday, February 1, 2009

There were around 30 entries in the Lynda Vista Mardi Gras parade today. This golf cart belongs to our manager, Ruth. There were bicycles, scooters, carts and walkers, all decorated to the max.

Robert Rolle, the Park Owner, and a Yuma High Schoot teacher. These are a couple of his students. Robert took about 109 pies in the face today, a fund raiser for the students part of the local Rotary. They were raising money for Polio research (I think)

I know things are big in Texas.............but it looks like Arizona can be proud too!

This is Redd, our next door neighbor. He's one of the few single men in the park. We couldn't have got a better neighbor if we had tried.

I don't have too many hard jobs to do here, but I've been taking care of this huge lawn. Which included trimming and watering. This was "work outside day"

The little Geo Metro we bought last week. We paid a detailer to shampoo the seats and carpets, Pat and I did the rest of the inside and outside. Came out pretty good. First fill up came out to 38 mpg, mostly around town here. And, it fits in the carport!

Par is going through and cleaning all the wooden blinds and the windows.

She's taking down all the screens and cleaning them, the window hardware, and the windows. We went to Home Depot this morning to buy a ladder.

The Band is playing while we work outside. Somehow a screen fell on one of the plaster cactus plants and broke now I get to buy the Coyote I want next time we go to Mexico!

Went to Mexico today, mission was to buy some prescription sun glasses, and look for a few things. I need a "Brother Coyote" for our front yard, and a ceramic 5 gallon water jug holder to put on the porch. By the time we ordered the glasses and ate, we came back because the line to cross the border was already over an hour long, and growing by the minute. So, we'll go back earlier in the morning to finish up.

Excellent Street food. There are several nice restaurants in Algodones, but we usually go for one of these 'joints'.

What's left of breakfast. A quarter of a fresh BBQed chicken, some salad made with macaroni, lettuce and some other vegetables, fresh made refried beans, a couple of tamales, couple of taco, and a stack of tortillas right off the grill. I didn't eat all that, we shared

Lots of Snowbirds over there today.

I have a favorite shoeshine guy, he really does a good job. Much better than the one last week in San Luis, Mexico.

This is the best! He's older than most of the 'shiners', he really knows his stuff. Costs 2 bucks, I usually give him 4 since he's so good.

People waiting to get into the dentist can sit on the balcony and throw down Margaritas. What a deal!

Street painters. They'll paint you saw, or spare tire cover, or just about anything you bring them. I had a picture made a few years ago of my belt buckle. Most of them are pretty good.

We heard Tom Miller froze his butt off...and here's a picture of it!

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