Saturday, March 28, 2009

Time to unpack in the rain! Everything looks good in the house. Our neighbor Mark kept the lawn mowed. It's been a good winter. Time now to start planning for the summer riding. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments on this last Winter's blog. This will be the last post until we come up with a new one.

The early flowers have already came and gone, but the daffodills are our all over town. The flowering trees are in full bloom too.

Tug boat rests at the dock in the Coos River.

We were welcomed home in the rain!

Highway 42 between I-5 and the Coast. Lots of spring flowers out. And the blossoms on the trees are very pretty.

Roxy and Scorpion~ will always remember this place. The sign is pointing to a road taking you to the beautiful Rest Area on the Klamath River. Rox and Scorp spent a few hours here one warm day, like 116 degrees, on the way to HSVROC. What wimps. Some of us kept going

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